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Premium interior designer platform for quickly visualizing your furniture in 3D.

Help designers sell your products

Show off your products

Close more sales

Maximize project efficiency

Quality designs deserve quality visuals

Help designers sell more of your products faster

Show off your furniture and fabric

Impress designers with visuals

Generate order-ready spec sheets for maximum accuracy

We‘ve partnered with top furniture brands to visualize their products in 3D.

And now, our 3D technology is available for you!

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Brands that are a part of DB3D:

DesignerBoard3D is a user-friendly and efficient platform provides freedom of customization without the hassle of 3D rendering. Any brand considering a faster approach to custom renderings would benefit from this program

What I love about DesignerBoard3D is that many of the top brands I currently use are part of this intuitive platform. Makes my design process fast, efficient and profitable. Because of this I can see other brands definitely wanting to be part of this revolution in design and sales

The Designer Board 3D platform streamlines the design and sales pipeline, making it easy for designers to source, customize, and sell furniture in a single place. It's a compelling sales tool for brands to be a part of.

- Victoria

- Carol

- Raquel




Support designers as a valuable sales channel

By providing amazing visuals and an intuitive platform, you’re helping designers sell more.

Become a trendsetter for interior design software

By signing up, you’ll become an early adopter of technology that will revolutionize the industry.

Optimize the designer experience

Become a preferred brand for interior designers by supporting them with quality 3D tools.

Host your products on the DesignerBoard3D platform

Gain access to thousands of the top interior designers nationwide.

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Did you always look for an up-to-date database of articles focusing on 3D development in the Furniture and Design space?

A definitive list of 3D transformation resources for the Furniture Industry.

We've created a resource center for people like you. Here you will find a list of articles from major publications, companies - simply put the gems we've spent so much time looking for. We've also included a short summary of each article so you can focus on things that matter to you!



As a manufacturer or retailer of high-end furniture, you know the importance of interior designers in your supply chain. So it makes sense to support them as much as possible. The better tools your designers are equipped with, the more value they bring to the table as partners with your company.

We think working with designers should be more efficient. And that’s why DesignerBoard3D is quickly becoming a crucial platform for brands and designers alike.

Our platform, designed especially for residential designers and offered to them free of charge, brings them the opportunity to render your products in full 3D with custom fabric options. And that’s not all — our platform also generates full spec sheets for your products, so that you can guarantee accuracy for pricing and distribution.

This is a platform you’ll want to become a part of. Let’s talk about your needs as a brand, and how cataloguing your products in cutting-edge 3D visuals will drive more orders from professional designers.

Our mission

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You sell high-quality, beautiful home furniture. Don’t let that get lost in translation.

With DesignerBoard3D, you’ll be able to help designers present your products as they truly are, in all their multifaceted glory.